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27 czerwca 2019 r.
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Miejski Ośrodek Pomocy Społecznej w Mińsku Mazowieckim
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki, ul. Kościuszki 25A
tel/fax 25 758 22 24
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Misją Ośrodka jest zapobieganie trudnym sytuacjom życiowym mieszkańców Miasta poprzez wspieranie ich w dążeniu do zaspokajania niezbędnych potrzeb umożliwiających życie w godnych warunkach oraz podejmowanie działań zmierzających do ich usamodzielnienia i integracji ze środowiskiem.

For any information in English please contact or visit us Monday to Friday from 8 to 12.

Various Means of Assistance Offered by MOPS
 Monetary benefits:
  •  Permanent benefits
  • Permanent benefits
  • Temporary benefits
  • Intentional benefits
  • Specified benefits
  • Benefits and loans for economic independence
  • Gratification payable to the legal guardian
  • A provision for foreigners in regards to covering the cost of living as well as learning the Polish language.


Permanent Benefits.

Permanent benefits, as specified in art. 37:

  1. An adult living independently, unable to work because of age or completely unable to work, unless the individuals income is less than the income criterion for a single person household; i.e. in the amount of 477zl.
  2. An adult dependant on parents, unable to work, if the individual’s income as well as the family income is less than the income criterion per family; i.e. in the amount of 351zl.

For a single person household, meaning a person who is living in a single person dwelling.

Family related legislature understands family members, living under a single household.

Total incapacity means complete incapacity for work under the provisions of pensions from the Social Insurance Fund, otherwise referred to as the SIF, or the placement in disability group l or ll, legitimized by a high or moderate degree of disability within the regulations on occupational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons.

Inability to work due to age is understood as a woman 60 years of age and 65 years of age for men. In the case of a single person household, permanent allowance shall be equal to the difference between the income criterion for a single person, except that the amount of the allowance is not greater than the specified 477zl. In the case of permanent benefits of the family, should be equal to the difference between the income criterion per family, and the income of that person.

The amount of permanent benefits cannot be less than 30zl per month. In the case of overlapping entitlement to permanent benefits and social pension is not entitled to receive permanent benefits. Expenditures on fixed benefits are financed from the State budget.

Temporary Benefit

Temporary Benefits as referred to in art. 38 of the Act – are entitled to:

  1. A single person household, whose income is below the criterion for a single person household income; i.e. in the amount of 477zl.
  2. A family whose income is less than the standard as specified in the criterion of family income, due to:
    • Long-term illness
    • Disability
    • Unemployment
    • The possibility to maintain or acquire rights to benefits from other social security systems.

Family Income – total monthly income of the family determined in accordance with Art. 8 paragraphs 3- 13 above.

Family income criteria  - is calculated by multiplying the amount of the income criterion per family of 351 zl and the number of people in the family.

Income criterion for a single person household is 477 zl. Periodical allowance determined in accordance with the principles contained in art. 38.2 and art. 147 paragraph  3.

Art. 38 paragraph 2. Temporary allowance is established by  –

  1. In the case of single person household – to the difference between the criterion of a single person household income and the income of that person. The amount of the allowance shall not be higher than 418 zl.
  2. In the case of multiple person household – the difference between the income criterion, and the income of the family.

Art.147 paragraph 3, the minimum amount of temporary benefit is 20 zl. The duration period of the temporary benefit, is established by the social assistance centre and is influenced by the circumstance of the specified case.


Intentional Benefits.

Intentional benefits as referred to in art. 39 of the Act, may be granted to cover all or part of the purchase of food, medication and treatment, fuel, clothing, household necessities, small renovations and repairs, as well as funeral expenses. Homeless people and others who have no possibility of obtaining benefits under the National Insurance in the National Health Fun may be granted an intentional allowance to cover all or part of expenditures on health.

In particular, where appropriate, a person or family with an income exceeding the income criteria may be granted, under art. 41 of the Act. Targeted Special benefits:

  1. Not refundable targeted special benefits in amounts not exceeding the income criterion for a single person household or family;
  2. Temporary benefit, allowance or intentionally provided material assistance to repay part or all of the allowance or expenditure of the State assistance.

Allowance for a loan and economic independence:

A person or a family may be granted assistance in the form of money (one time intentional grant or interest free loan) for economic independence. Assistance in the form of goods; providing equipment and tools that create opportunities to organize their own workshop and equipment to facilitate the work of the disabled.


The person or family may refuse assistance. The basis for refusing to grant or aid for reducing the volume of economic independence can be set aside by the person or family applying for assistance after the adoption of labour regulations on employment and unemployment, or to undergo professional training.

Assistance for economic independence is not granted if the person or family applying for assistance have already received aid from another source.

Social Insurance Contributions

A person who resigns from employment due to the need to exercise direct personal care for chronic or seriously ill family member or a member who he or she is not currently residing with, the social welfare centre will pay the premium for the pension of the amount of the income criterion per family if the caregivers income does not exceed 150% of the total income criterion per family and the person taking care of the insurance is not subject to compulsory retirement and is not receiving a pension or annuity. This is also applicable to persons who due to the necessity of care, remains on an unpaid leave.

The spouse’s parents should also be taken into consideration.

The need to exercise direct personal care for persons referred to above; a health certificate shall be issued not earlier than 14 days before submitting the application for the benefit.

Contributions that were previously made to the retirement pension in the amount specified by regulations on social insurance is paid for a period of care. Contributions to the retirement pension are not entitled to a person who, at the time of the application, benefits:

  1. Is 50 years of age and has no insurance (contributory and non-contributory) of at least 10 years;
  2. Has insurance (contributory and non-contributory) of 20 years for women and 25 years for men.

Contributions to Health Insurance

The Centre for Social Welfare pays the premium for health insurance for a homeless person covered by the individual program for homelessness, under the terms of the provisions on general insurance in the National Health Fund.

Contributions for health insurance is also paid for individuals receiving a full-time salary, and is not covered by the health insurance otherwise.


Non-monetary benefits are:
    • Social Work
    • Credited ticket
    • Health Insurance contributions
    • Social Security contributions
    • Material assistance, including economic independence
    • Funeral arrangements
    • Specialist advice
    • Crisis intervention
    • Shelter
    • Meals
    • Essential clothing
    • Nursing services at homes and special care centres
    • Specialist care services at home and special care centres
    • Home protection
    • Stay and care in social services home
    • Care and upbringing in foster care and educational facilities
    • Assistance in acquiring adequate housing, including: housing, help in obtaining employment, material assistance for developing independence
    • Training, family counseling and family therapy conducted by the adoption and care centres.
Ustawa o cudzoziemcach ( Foreigners Act ) (pdf, 520 KB)

Miejski Punkt Konsultacyjny

"STOP przemocy " działający przy MOPS w Mińsku Mazowieckim

ul. Kościuszki 25A 

tel. 25 758 22 24



- Poradnictwo medyczne

- Poradnictwo z zakresu przeciwdziałania przemocy w rodzinie

- Poradnictwo prawne

- Poradnictwo psychologiczne 

- Poradnictwo rodzinne

Porady i konsultacje są bezpłatne.


Mińskie Centrum Profilaktyki

Mińsk Mazowiecki, ul.Tuwima 1 

tel.25 758 02 52



Miejska Komisja Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych


Urząd Miasta Mińsk Mazowiecki
ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 1
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki 


Ośrodek Interwencji Kryzysowej CARITAS Diecezji Warszawsko-Praskiej

ul. Graniczna 18
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki
tel. 25 758 47 12
tel. interwencyjny: 698 749 389 

Czynny całą dobę.

Ogólnopolskie Pogotowie dla Ofiar Przemocy w Rodzinie  

"Niebieska  Linia" 

800 120  002

Ogólnopolski Telefon Kryzysowy
116 123

Noclegownia dla Bezdomnych Mężczyzn Stowarzyszenia " Pomocna Dłoń"

Kąty Borucza 48 A
05-307 Dobre
 22 760 41 14


Pomoc telefoniczna dla rodziców i nauczycieli w sprawie 

bezpieczeństwa dzieci 

bezpłatna i anonimowa pomoc telefoniczna i online dla rodziców i nauczycieli, którzy potrzebują wsparcia i informacji w zakresie przeciwdziałania i pomocy dzieciom przeżywającym kłopoty i trudności wynikające z problemów i zachowań ryzykownych takich jak: agresja i przemoc w szkole, cyberprzemoc i zagrożenia związane z nowymi technologiami, wykorzystywanie seksualne, kontakt z substancjami psychoaktywnymi, uzależnienia, depresja, myśli samobójcze, zaburzenia odżywiania. 

tel. 800 100 100



Centrum wsparcia dla osób w stanie kryzysu psychicznego

Telefoniczne Centrum Wsparcia:  

800 70 2222 




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